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Please establish a neutral family law  task force!

Your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have, but only IF YOU USE IT.

Please personally email Governor Ron DeSantis this important message so that together we can make the difference, stop future bad bills, and enact truly safe and equitable reform!


Feel free to copy and paste our sample message to Gov. De Santis below into the body of the fill-in, email tool on the right.  When you are done, simply click SEND:

Please Use Subject Line:  Please Veto SB 1416 and form a Task Force.

Dear Governor DeSantis,

You most certainly did the right thing in 2022 by vetoing SB 1796, the the alimony 'reform' bill. I urge you to now please establish a neutral, expert family law Task Force to study the economic, sociological, legal and psychological effects of any proposed alimony reform.  A task force is critical to ensure that Florida women, and mothers are treated with full equity and not harmed by laws or legislation pushed by special interest groups.  


The task force should include: neutral economists, social workers, psychologists, and domestic abuse experts, vocational experts, judges, representing all genders and income levels as well as objective laypersons representatives of both women and men.  This task force is essential to properly study and reach a fact-based consensus on FAIR reform that will socio-economically support and protect ALL Floridians and our families who are subject to the family laws of our state.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Success! Message received.

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