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  • We DEMAND a comprehensive neutral task force be established to determine the effects on women, children, and the State of Florida, before ANY wide-sweeping family law 'reform' is proposed.
  • We SUPPORT family laws which regard marriage as an equal partnership and value the contributions of  stay-at-home caregivers, lesser earning wives, and the disabled.
  • We URGE that the best interest of the child remain the starting and prevailing premise of any child time-sharing decisions.
  • We STAND for affordable and timely access to equitable alimony, child support, and ENFORCEMENT.
  • We OPPOSE laws that undermine mothers, women, caregivers, and children and place them and families at increased risk.


We are volunteer, non-partisan advocates for fairness, EQUITY AND DIGNITY in Florida family law legislation and statutes. 


Many of us represent first families; some of us are second families; some of us are stay-at-home mothers or have spent years full-time, homeschooling our children; a number of us are current and retired members of the judicial, legal and social work community as well.  Many of us are middle-aged, disabled, and seniors. 


ALL of us demand that our families and marital contributions be economically and sociologically honored and protected by the Florida legislature, our governor and the courts.


Through our work with many groups and individuals like you, together we successfully achieved a veto of the 2013 AND 2016 family law 'reform' bills. Both were designed to economically cripple current or future divorced caregivers and deny them equal access to justice.

The controversial "Family Law/Alimony Reform" backers have already found legislators to file bills for 2017 separating time-sharing from alimony and support, filled with the same devastating financial terms as the 2016 vetoed legislation.  

To ensure that our state's protective family laws are not improperly undermined, it is clear that a neutral, expert Family Law Task Force needs to be officially established to address the economic, social and legal effect that any proposed 'reforms' will have on Florida women, mothers, children and families.

This does not mark the end of our collective campaign, rather this is just the beginning. We hope that you too will join in sharing your voice and calling for equity and dignity for women, mothers and children in family law starting now and going forward.

House Bill 283

Senate Bill 412

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