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Thank you to all who supported the Film Premier of STAND UP!


An Equitable Alimony Reform Documentary

Due to Popular Demand


We are pleased to announce

screenings of the film

through the State of Florida

Contact us today to bring the

documentary STAND UP to your area








The documentary STAND UP! by PlumbTalk Productions takes an in depth look at Florida State alimony reform through the eyes of a State Representative, a Family Law Judge, Marital and Family Law Attorneys, and a representative from the National Organization for Women, just to name a few.

Families who have been negatively impacted by the system have found the courage to STAND UP to tell their stories to bring awareness to the serious and underreported flaws of a system that ignores the human cost of divorce.

The film presents the problem surrounding current proposed alimony reform and the direct effect that it will have on individual, family, and state economics. In the program, equitable solutions to the controversy that surrounds reform are presented in the hope that it will move those on both sides of the dilemma to work towards a fair, unbiased resolution.

Unless you or a loved one has been personally touched by divorce, alimony reform is not an issue that crosses your mind.  We believe the devastating effects divorce has on families in Florida should be given greater exposure and awareness.  If you are personally acquainted with divorce, you are aware of the contentious aftermath. What is undisputed is the need for Alimony Reform.

We encourage you to see the film and digest its meaning. Together we can find the courage to see past the smokescreen, stand up, and unleash a voice that cannot be ignored. Changes ARE coming. Stay informed!

FWCEL in collaboration with Women's Empowerment Initiative. We are a non-profit 501(c) 3 dedicated to educating and bringing awareness to issues that impact women and families financially.

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