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If WOMEN Are Allowed to Speak in FLORIDA, THIS Is What "Reform" Will INCLUDE:

1. Custody & time-sharing in the best interests of the CHILD.

2. REPEAT: In the best interests of the CHILD, NOT parents.

3. NO RETROACTIVITY: Applies to initial 2017 filings ONLY, No undermining prior agreements.

4. CAREER REHABILITATION for displaced homemakers.

5. Alimony based on BOTH NEED and ABILITY TO PAY.

6. Consideration of BOTH spouses' RETIREMENT NEEDS.

7. Legislation allowing Florida alimony recipients TO SAVE.

8. Presumption to GRANT emergency relief orders.

9. ACCELERATED temporary support hearings & rulings.

10. Guidelines freeing courts to ENFORCE JUDGMENTS.

11. CLEAR EXCEPTIONS for special needs or disabled adults' caregivers.

12. CLEAR EXCEPTIONS for disabled alimony recipients.

13. CLEAR EXCEPTIONS for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

14. REWARD recipients for working, NOT PUNISHING MODIFICATIONS.

15. Considerations of inflation & COLA impact on income, alimony and child support.

16. Supportive relationships explicitly and fairly defined.

17. Equal access to discovery and admission of evidence.

18. Fair attorney fee rulings to provide equal access to counsel and the courts.

19. Preservation of the CORE TENENT that BOTH parties are EQUALLY entitled to the marital STANDARD OF LIVING whenever possible; nether party is less entitled than the other.

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